All our horses are rehomed on a permanent loan basis. Therefore, if for any reason it doesn't work out for you and one of our horses, they will always return to us.
Guaranteeing a worry-free solution for you and a protected retirement for them.
There is a
one off fee of £1,000 and you are required to be a member of Racehorse Relief for the duration of the loan, which is currently £10 per month.  (The one off donation is non refundable)

Most horses have a 12 stone weight limit, although for some of the smaller, finer ones, it may be less.

If you are under the age of 18 you will have to ask a parent or guardian to apply on your behalf.  

The first thing to do if you are interested in rehoming with us is to fill out our rehoming form.
We ask that you be as open and honest as possible as this gives us the best chance of matching one of our horses to you. There is a lot to consider when matching potential loanees to horses. 
Any questions do get in touch.


Please note, we do not give out information about individual horses online. 
However, if you fill out our rehoming form we will then get back to you if we think we have a horse that will suit you.

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