Why does Racehorse Relief need your generous donations?

  • Racehorse Relief only asks for a £1,000 donation from an owner or trainer when we take on a horse to retrain and rehome.

  • £1,000 might seem like a lot, but on average a horse is with us for 13 months. 

  • Each horse costs roughly £5,000 during their stay with us.

Sorbeo bedding  kindly support us with a generous discount on our bedding. However, it still costs £2,360.00 per order.

  • £5 donation could help toward a bag of top quality wood pellet bedding.

  • A £30 donation would cover the cost of one horse having their hooves trimmed by an expert equine podiatrist.

  • A weekly feed bill is £340.35

£10 would help toward one of the many vital supplements we support our horses with.
£13 would buy a bag of Molasses free chaff
£30 would help toward one of the more expensive, but equally as vital, supplements.

  • £195 is the average cost of monthly lessons from our RoR accredited British Horse Society Senior Coach (BHSII).

Senara Caddy has over 25 years of invaluable experience. Which makes her the perfect coach to help us retrain our horses to the highest standards.

  • £25 would cover one lesson.


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