Useful advice for your equine friend. Sometimes we forget that the most basic information is the most important. These pages aim to help you find solutions to your queries, especially those targeted toward racehorses. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we'll endevour to reply as soon as we can.


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Our horses are stabled in modern, purpose-built American style indoor barns. These quality barns give the horses the benefit of good ventilation and a light airy environment. The biggest benefit of an American barn with its good ventilation system means our horses are less prone to the spread of disease, should a disease ever arise.

Now, not everyone has an American barn. This is not a problem. When stabling your horse, the main factors you need to consider are:

  • Is the stable resistant to our ever-changing English weather? You will need to make sure that any leaks are repaired as you do not want your horse stood in a wet stable.

  • Is there good drainage?

  • Will your horse be stabled alone, or will they have company from other stabled horses?

  • What bedding will you use? Our horses are on a quality brand of wood pellets. Wood pellets are a cost effective and labour reducing type of bedding. They are also highly absorbent and virtually dust free.

  • Is your stable the right size for your horse?

  • Do they always have access to clean water?

  • Is there space to have a plentiful supply of forage?

  • If they are to be stabled for long periods of time do they have boredom busters? E.G. Swede hanging on a rope, a mirror, music in the background or the chance to see other horses nearby.

  • Will you be able to skip out/muck out every day? Or will someone else be able to do this for you?


Most racehorses are used to being stabled for extended periods of time and to suddenly turn them out for long periods can potentially be more detrimental to your horses wellbeing. Especially if turned out in a herd. They may experience bullying from the other horses and have restricted access to forage. We are always on hand to offer our advice and guidance if you are unsure on the best decision for you horse.

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